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April 29, 2020

BUILDING NEW REALITIES Ep 2 with Belinda Gannaway: Can immersive programmes support the change coming for Employee Experience and Customer Experience? #EX-CX

Welcome to our bi-weekly podcast, Building New Realities. Future Visual’s new fortnightly podcast discusses ideas and stories around building new realities with today’s XR thought leaders.

This week Tim speaks with Belinda Gannaway, strategy director of creative employee communications agency Fathom XP, with 20 years experience transforming cultures and helping to build brands from the inside out. We will  be exploring Belinda’s thoughts on the status quo of organisational culture why it needs to be challenged and why is empathy such a stimulating subject for her? Tune in to find out.

Notes on Ep 2: In conversation with Belinda Gannaway BY TIM FLEMING

All of Belinda’s work is related to Organisation and relationship systems coaching or ORSC. 

ORSC reveals the Intelligence of the organisation. This theory is relevant whether it is a company, organisation or institution such as the Houses of Parliament – all have an intelligence that relates to the amount of time they have been in existence, the work in which they are involved and the guidelines according to which they conduct themselves.

Change is always trying to emerge in the world, something is always trying to emerge. When companies try to maintain the status quo they often become obsolete, an example of this is how Airbnb has overtaken established hotel groups as the go-to choice for consumers. When selecting a hotel room the existing hotel groups maintained the status quo and did not change their system and they have therefore now been heavily disrupted.  Change is always trying to emerge. That is the one constant in life and this is where organisational and relationship systems coaching shows the intelligence of an organisation as it adapts to change – business systems are essentially purpose and people.

We are in a new trend of remote work, we have a new context to work, where we are learning to work in a distributed organisation and so organisational leadership needs to be different. Rather than just aiming for productivity targets, leaders must create a sense of belonging.

Staff need to feel connected and valued and have a sense of belonging. Tips for managing a remote team include regular talking, checking in and understanding your colleagues’ experience. Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. How do people want to connect, have you asked them?  How can you help people feel connected? How can I help you or someone like you? Read our blog about how to manage and enhance collaboration of your remote teams.

Modern leadership in a remote environment is about understanding the invisible patterns that connect people and checking that people feel connected to the purpose of the company mission.

If Belinda had 100 million pounds to spend on building new realities she would spend it on reconnecting communities, on increasing social cohesion by reconnecting generations.  The knowledge between generations often gets lost as they try to work it out for themselves. This seems a waste of energy and time given the amount of knowledge that we could get from our elders but in our western society elders and elder knowledge transfer is not prioritised, We are enraptured to the thrill of the new.

Belinda is releasing a new book with Emma Bridger of people lab called Employee Experience by Design


Water Lily  model

Edgar Schein

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