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The team

Meet the award winning Future Visual team

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Tim Fleming

CEO and Co-founder
Tim has always loved the power of visual environments to transport the viewer to new experiences and sensations, he is experienced as an animator, show director and founder. Equally at home in the trenches of production or strategising about the communications deliverables of the future whilst delivering ROI. Prior to Future Visual Tim founded two specialist studios Plastic Reality and Plastic Pictures counting amongst his clients, Fatboy Slim, Radiohead, Ferrari, Unilever and Astrazeneca. Tim loves a challenge and to spend time with his family and go on adventures in their motorhome.
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Iestyn Lloyd

CTO and Co-founder
Iestyn is a BAFTA-winning technical nerd, with over 20 years experience in delivering award-winning projects. A constant interest in emerging technology meant that he was involved in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality from an early stage, and has run events, workshops, and has been a speaker at several events including Unite Europe. In his spare time he likes to travel, send people funny photos of dogs, and obsess over Iron Man.
If it was easy, it wouldn't be worth doing!

Benjamin Shaun Thomas

VR Developer
Benjamin takes pride in the opportunity that multiplayer and VR presents, from taking you on an exclusive journey around VISIONxR™ to building immersive experiences. Ben joined Future Visual in 2016 as a computer science graduate and made an immediate impact helping us build one of our top-secret (not on the website!) projects. Ben loves to entertain, encourage and improve the future of VR, training, innovation and video entertainment. Away from the studio, Ben can be found streaming for long hours to viewers around the world, developing tools and mini-games to entertain, network and explore the possibilities of future technology.
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Sam Merrick

3D Artist
Sam has 8+ years experience as a 3D artist in the games industry. He has worked in a wide range of specialities ranging from motion capture to mobile, console and VR development studios. From this he has had the fortunate pleasure of developing a wide range of skills. In his spare time, Sam runs the Worthing badminton association and is going to build a cafe racer bike
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Tom Roberts

Senior Developer
Tom has been working in realtime 3D training and simulations for 5 years and in games development for 2 years and has been working with virtual reality since 2012. Tom has always been enthusiastic about new technology and the ins and outs of how it works, from augmented reality to machine learning to cloud distributed applications. Outside of Future Visual, Tom loves to fight vampires and search for treasure playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends.
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Lucy Amortegui

Business Development and Marketing Director
Lucy has 15+ years experience in strategic business development, sales and account management. A fascination with the impact of new technologies on culture and society has led Lucy to work across telecoms, media, digital marketing and now immersive technology. When not developing business growth strategies Lucy likes to enjoy living by the seaside with her family.
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Matt Cotton

Lead VR/AR Solutions Consultant
Matt brings a wealth of commercial experience to the Future Visual team. His background selling bespoke digital software solutions to large corporate clients makes Matt a trusted, knowledgeable and passionate guide in the VR/AR space. When he’s not helping clients realise their VR ambitions he’s playing tennis, football and improving his film and photography work.
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