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VISIONxR is our VR Collaboration Platform, enabling dispersed teams on multiple devices, such as VR headsets, iPads, desktops and mobiles, to interact as if in the same space.

Bring your remote team together in Virtual Reality, enabling them to work and train together in an immersive space.

Watch the video below to see how this immersive jet engine room, built using our platform, provided training in VR for these jet engine technicians.

VISIONxR can be customised for your business’s specific needs. To learn more about the benefits of VISIONxR to your business, Book a Live Demo.

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Future Visual’s remote collaboration platform VISIONxR™ can replicate workspaces and deliver training experiences to improve customer and employee experience.


Minimise Travel Costs

Teams which operate on different sides of the globe, can now collaborate and train together as if in the same room.

High Risk Training

Workers that operate in high risk industries, such as Oil & Gas or Renewables, can train in a risk free environment.

Fully Customisable

VISIONxR can be fully customised for your business’s specific needs and is accessible anywhere, on desktop or mobile.

Bring people together on all platforms

All of our virtual reality products are built on our VISIONxR™ platform , allowing us to build for training scenarios, learning, events, product demos, collaborative spaces and more.

VISIONxR™  transforms your ability to connect with others in an environment that reflects your ambition and is not constrained by real world limitations

All of our experiences are built to be compatible with android and iOS across mobile, tablet, desktop and VR/AR headsets.

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Across verticals

The VISIONxR™ framework can be used across many markets:


VISIONxR™ enables your company to licence the VISIONxR™ platform and customise it for your needs. We will work with you to create bespoke content that can be accessed via the platform on any device VR, AR, desktop or mobile.

You will be able to bring your team closer together to learn or sell with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Enabling your organisation to have access to resources that are prohibitively expensive or physically impossible to build in real life.

What you get:

  • Unlimited Users – Collaborate anywhere in the world
  • Multi-platform iOS, Android, Vive, Rift, Quest, Windows
  • Users can access via VR/AR or both
  • Import assets to Unity and deploy to users with ease
  • Bespoke environmental control
  • £25k annual License with unlimited users or
  • £2,500 per month with unlimited users