VR Training Solutions For Effective Teams

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VR & AR technology for training, collaboration and behaviour change

Virtual reality creates presence: a feeling that you are immersed in the content you are experiencing. Simulating difficult scenarios with 100% consistency, with approved responses, means that you will be able to achieve faster routes to competency with reduced risk.   Learn more

Work together using VR and AR anywhere and on any platform

Collaborative learning and knowledge sharing creates a culture of success in your business and delivers a clear competitive advantage. Our platform VISIONxR™ enables dispersed teams to learn, collaborate and innovate in the same immersive space, bringing down costs, speeding up design and reducing your carbon footprint.  Learn more

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February 14, 2020

There’s no place like home!

With the Coronavirus outbreak bringing travel bans, self-isolation and curfews across the globe, technologies that facilitate working from home are booming right now. But can cloud-based communications tools really...
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