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Enabling Connected Remote Teams

Our device agnostic immersive platform transforms your ability to connect with and train your remote teams. Collaborate using android, iOS and VR AR across mobile, tablet, desktop and VR AR headsets. Our incredible platform offers the flexibility to either design or purchase assets such as 3D models and photogrammetry that can be easily uploaded and deployed into VISIONxR within minutes. This facilitates VR training, learning, hosting events, collaborating and innovating in a variety of environments. Our team will co-create with you custom functionality to enhance your immersive technology or you can pick from our capability tool kit. Learn more

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Group of surgeons using augmented reality holographic hololens glasses while operating in modern operation theatre

August 27, 2021

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

By blurring the lines of reality and imagination, augmented reality (AR) experiences can amaze and entertain in equal measure. Augmented reality is a visually stunning immersive technology that works...
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