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Future Visual is an immersive technology company, with a team of passionate and experienced professionals who are focused on creating successful outcomes for our customers.


Virtual Reality Training

Take your team’s training and development to the next level. VR training and immersive platforms can deliver increased ROI and help you train your remote teams to a new standard of excellence. In an environment where distractions are minimised or eliminated completely as well as risk factors associated with real-life settings; learners will pick up skills faster while retaining more knowledge than traditional training methods. Train your teams to the highest standards.

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Virtual Reality Marketing

Create memorable, inspirational, moments where connection, play and information are at the heart of the experience. You want to build sets, props and scenarios that are typically physically impossible or prohibitively expensive in real life. We’ve built Spaceships, Medical portals and F1 cars using our immersive skills and we can help you market your product in ways that have previously been impossible.

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Virtual Reality Events

Make an event that empowers your team to reach out to your customers in ways that are more cost effective, more memorable whilst delivering greater differentiation than your competitors. Whether it’s an end of year conference or the need to raise the bar for customer experience centers we can help you deliver. Joining teams and customers in ways that was just not previously possible. We can show you how to make the metaverse work for you.

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About Us

We want to make your project a success

You have a great idea for an immersive experience, but you don’t know where to start. You want to create something that will have the wow factor, leave a lasting impression and provide a great return on your investment.

We can help you bring your ideas to life in the most effective way possible. Our team of experts has years of experience creating immersive experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands and we’re ready to help you too.

Increasing ROI from your assets

We know that organisations may already have digital assets that they want to leverage in a virtual space. We can help you integrate your current assets, whether that is an industrial printer or a MRI machine, into a collaborative environment that’s available on any device. Breathing new life into your digital assets.

We stay aligned across your brand, helping you take a step into the metaverse and connecting your teams around the world on a virtual layer.

Built upon years of experience

Our team is composed of experts whose passion is working at the frontier of immersive technology and creating successful outcomes for our customers.

Whether it’s guiding you through a cost benefit analysis of virtual technologies, investigating the best technology to fit your needs, or identifying ways you can save money by reusing existing assets.

We have BAFTA award winners, VR manual writers, concert designers, streamers, gamers, detail obsessives and big picture dreamers in our team.

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Ready to chat?

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Our Work

Working with cutting edge technologies, we change the way people experience virtual worlds. With our range of award winning projects from aviation to high-risk surgery, we are revolutionizing how companies do training, marketing and events.



Using cutting edge technology to create personalized experiences for esports and sports fans.



We developed RampVR™, the aviation industry's first VR training platform for ground operations.



Using immersive technologies to heighten the VIP visitor experience during the 2017 race season


Felix & Paul

The storyline for the film required a very specific look which revolved around a small boy’s robot and the world of imagination. 



We are proud to say that we work with clients across many different industries, including retail and automotive. Each client trusts in the quality of our services which is why you can rely on us too!

We found the platform very appealing and even leading in the combination and convergence of AR & VR based training.

Walter Davis
Head of talent and learning – Aggreko

VISIONxR™ and the work being done at Future Visual demonstrate the benefits of using digital twin and virtual reality technologies to bring dispersed high-value teams together to problem solve and train for high-risk scenarios that are dangerous and costly to train for in real life

Katherine Courtney
Former CEO – the UK Space Agency

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