VR Events

Imagine the immersive power of virtual reality and how it can be used to make your next event life changing. With VR we can emotionally engage guests like never before – that’s why we use it for everything from customer experience centers to break out sessions with management teams. Feel genuine presence as if you were truly there with your guests and colleagues; stay connected to anyone anywhere without boundaries – all just a click away! Who needs conference rooms when you can meet literally anywhere?

Deeper engagement with your audience

Virtual reality can create higher emotional engagement than traditional alternatives. A study by VR experts at Stanford University found that VR can help make people more compassionate compared to other media. With VR events, you can immerse audiences in social, memorable experiences that forge a deep and meaningful connection with your brand.

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Virtual reality might be the perfect solution to supercharge your product marketing strategy.

Totally personalised environments

Building a virtual space allows for endless possibility, you can create experiences that would be physically impossible or prohibitively expensive in real life. Worlds can be built with customised functionality to make your event totally unique and memorable.

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Ready to chat?

John Lewis

There were two problems they needed to solve. Firstly how could they re-connect their staff to the values of John Spedan Lewis the founder of the John Lewis Partnership, the challenges here being that the staff were distributed around the country at many different locations and secondly John Spedan Lewis had been dead for over 50 years.