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May 12, 2020

HP And The Value Of Collaborating in Virtual Reality

Is it a sign of the times that everyone is talking about collaboration, given that we are now living in a world of restrictions? 

As we look to emerge from a period of lockdown it is becoming clear that travel and meeting in groups will not return to the “way it was” for the foreseeable future. There is an interesting paradox that being locked down and unable to see people has meant we need to talk about collaboration, which is about the need to be with people. Without collaboration humans feel lost and incapacitated, we have collaboration at our core, some people have described collaboration as the human superpower –  it’s allowed us to build homes, create engineering marvels and lies at the heart of every great civilization.  Our egoic tendencies that get in the way of collaboration are the root cause of the downfall of many civilizations, but that is another story.

Let’s talk about working together and why collaboration is the human super power. All through the ages humankind has not been able to achieve audacious goals when they have tried to go it alone. There is the famous  proverb that says if you want to go fast, go alone –  if you want to go far, go together.

When building significant projects, teams need the free flow of ideas and expertise between them which is why this new era of immersive technology has been seen, both in theory and practice, to enable teams to work in ways that has not been possible to date.  

The ability for you to view  components and concepts that have not been physically created with team members who are not in the same geographical location enables an exponential uplift in the power and productivity of collaboration.  Read our blog about How Virtual Reality is Shifting the Remote Collaboration Paradigm.

At Future Visual one of our guiding mantras in delivering work has been that immersive technology can provide “the ability to provide access to situations and scenarios that are physically impossible or prohibitively expensive to create in real life”.

Immersive collaboration platforms such as VISIONxR™ are already laying the groundwork for what the future of work can not only look like but can feel like. These immersive collaboration platforms are turbo charging our human need to work together and doubling down on that human superpower of collaboration. 

Given the need for collaboration tools to help us during this period not only restricted travel but also of exponential growth, several companies have been stepping up to help shine a light on the tools and platforms that are out there.  

HP have been one of the most visible hardware builders in the immersive space with the release of their Reverb headset. In an interesting development they recently announced their partnership with Valve and Microsoft in building their next generation hmd.  In addition to these hardware developments, HP have been leading the charge on building and enabling the community and it was because of this proactivity that Future Visual were invited to speak on the second edition of “The Guide To Virtual Reality Meeting And Collaboration Platforms” Webinar on April the 30th.

Future Visual + 15 different platforms were invited to present.  The event was led by Joanna Popper of HP and Bob Fine of VR Voice who were encouraging the audience to Learn, Create, Collaborate and Connect! 

Future Visual have been building an internal art gallery for fun during lockdown to which we added some assets sent out on the morning of the demo to show webinar guests how quickly and efficiently teams can adapt and collaborate with their platform VISIONxR

More info here on the presentations.

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