Future Visual was founded to develop high-quality groundbreaking Virtual Reality content


Founded by Tim Fleming and Iestyn Lloyd, Future Visual is an award-winning Virtual Reality company based in Brighton, UK. Future Visual is focussed on delivering premium experiences across brand, operations and training verticals.

As winners of the Innovate UK award to partner with John Lewis, winners of the Publicis 90 startup competition and launch partners with IATA to bring operational and training innovation to the aviation market, Future Visual are passionately developing new techniques and approaches to advance the art and science of Virtual Reality. 

Virtual Reality provides an opportunity to reimagine experiences, at Future Visual we work to provide customers with access to situations and environments that are either physically impossible or prohibitively expensive to recreate.

Our goal is to help Virtual Reality and realtime digital worlds accelerate the learning journey and intensify our shared human experiences, providing new evolutionary milestones of, growth, understanding and development. 


What Is Different About Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality creates presence. You feel that you are in the content you are watching. Presence means that you have a biological as well as psychological reaction to what you are seeing and so the ability to learn and absorb is magnified exponentially. Creating realistic environments in which customers and users can experience presence has massive potential in many verticals. By being able to simulate difficult scenarios with 100% consistency and feed in approved responses means that you will be able to achieve faster routes to competency in a shorter time frame with reduced cost.



Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality use a shared set of disciplines based on realtime rendered graphics that have been optimised to run on the specified hardware. Whilst AR has been used effectively via tablets such as the iPad (as used for our Ferrari AR app), recent conversations around AR have been focussed around wearables such as Hololens and here is an interesting distinction. Whilst we feel that VR is currently ready right now for delivering transformation across multiple verticals, AR as a wearable feels like they are still at the proof of concept stage. Whilst we feel that AR will be a huge technology, currently VR allows us to deliver our vision for providing access to physically impossible or prohibitively expensive environments.

Intrinsically VR has different qualities to AR, in VR you are surrounded by the created environment, whereas AR is an overlay on reality, therefore in VR you have the uninterrupted focus of the viewer, whereas in AR the real physical environment can still provide distraction.



Hard But Not Impossible describes much of what we do. The culture at Future Visual is to push hard whilst making sure we have fun during the process. Our values are based on delivering the best possible result we can for our customers whilst cultivating a clear view on how we can help our clients to leverage the best use of virtual reality in the future.

We are specialists in VR multiplayer installations deployed on high-end hardware, typically GTX 1080’s and Vive HMD’s. We also create content for Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR.


Future Visual's award winning team have the knowledge and expertise to create outstanding EXPERIENCES in VR.