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Our Work

Simulating a robot's dream

Felix & Paul
360 video, 3D modelling, Voxel animation

Felix & Paul

Miyubi is a cinematic VR release by acclaimed studio Felix and Paul. Premiering at Sundance and coming in at forty minutes it combines the adventures of a small boy’s robot and the world of imagination. We were introduced to Felix and Paul by Oculus who asked us to build the realtime elements to be used in the film. We built a realtime version of Miyubi from the CAD files that had been used to design the robot. As these files were untextured we added dirt and grime effects to simulate the use of a well loved toy.

Hard But Not Impossible

The storyline then required that we enter the world of Miyubi’s Inner Sanctuary. This is where things got hard but not impossible, that said if someone ever asks you to simulate a robots dream sequence which requires 8 bit voxel styling whilst retaining shader and animation information from Maya to run on a minimum spec setup, be careful how you answer.

Take a 360 Spin

The final piece included interactive items within the scene. Looking at the unicorn whilst it was drinking at the river would lead to it rearing up and opening it’s wings, should your gaze fall upon trees then birds would fly out and flamingos would move magically throughout the scene.

Click on the film below to move around and explore Miyubi’s Inner Sanctuary.