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July 20, 2021

The future of VR storytelling with Alex Rühl | Building New Realities Podcast

In this episode, Tim chats to Alex Rühl, founder of the VR production studio CATS are not PEAS and host of the AlexMakesVR podcast.

Together they discuss techniques for guiding people through VR experiences, curiosities about where VR is headed, as well as ways to creating a more balanced society.

Topics discussed in this episode:
• Origin of the name “CATS are not PEAS” [00:4803:42]
• Alex Rühl’s background [03:4210:47]
• Views on narrative storytelling in VR [10:4720:17]
• Alex’s favourite projects to have worked on [21:1126:09]
• Guiding people around VR spaces [26:0930:38]
• Shortcuts to starting in VR [30:3834:04]
• Curiosities about the future of VR [34:0440:06]
• How to help build a new reality [40:0647:05]
• Social programs [47:0551:33]
• Favourite theories [51:3354:17]
• Book recommendations [54:1756:33]