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November 06, 2021

The metaverse as a tool for collaboration with Anthony Steed | Building New Realities Podcast

In today’s episode, Tim chats to Anthony Steed. Together they discuss topics ranging from the early days of XR to what developers consistently get wrong about the metaverse.

Topics discussed in this episode:

• Anthony Steed’s background [01:0110:21]

• People’s reactions to VR [10:2216:39]

• The rise of the term ‘Metaverse’ [16:4023:59]

• The timeline of expectations with metaverses [24:0027:55]

• What is Anthony excited by? [27:5633:43]

• Anthony’s favourite project [33:4436:17]

• What is Ubiq? [36:1840:22]

• What makes for a useful collaboration space? [40:2344:24]

• What do developers get consistently wrong? [44:2548:12]

• Good interaction techniques [48:1355:45]

• Book recommendations [55:4658:45]

• Favourite theories [58:461:00:46]

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