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January 14, 2021

Customer Experience In The Age of Immersive Technology with Claire Ellis | Building New Realities Podcast

A warm welcome this week to my guest Claire Ellis, brand strategist, creative, business-leader and firm believer in the power of ‘so what?’. Claire is the Managing Director of Strategic Sales and Marketing Agency, JPC

Claire has spent the last 22+ years building brands, cutting through complexity and devising imaginative strategies and creative ways to help clients more effectively engage and convert.  Against a constantly changing landscape, at the helm of JPC, she has kept clients including BT, Experian, Addison Lee, Dimension Data (now NTT) and Lendlease at the top of their game with a relentless focus on imaginative yet compellingly simple customer-centric sales and marketing experiences. 

JPC are dedicated to helping complex and disruptor brands humanise and focus their message in order to engage better and win more business. They have helped their ambitious clients target, pursue, win and retain some of the most sought after customers, key accounts, sales opportunities and bids in the world.

What’s coming next for customer experience? Tune in and find out.

Notes on Ep 11 with Claire Ellis by Tim Fleming

Claire helps brands to humanise their message – to cut through, stand out and win more business, looking at the end customer. 

Claire is the one who asks the ‘so what’ questions – she loves a challenge. There is a creative human story to every dry complex brand. JPC is about defining brand value, driving awareness and engagement and helping clients win more business. CX runs through everything they do. Staying small and intimate is key.

I ask about building verticalized value props – Claire discusses her work with BT as an example and building a brand which is designed around a cluster of products and services and how to take that down to a specific set of audiences. 

The importance of hyper personalisation is becoming more relevant with the rise of consumerization and our levels of expectation. We have become an impatient and disloyal customer! Apparently and shockingly, the average attention span of a human is less than a goldfish. If you don’t interact with human beings in a personalised way you are out.

Rapid development of consumer technology has outpaced enterprise technology.  There is an expectation of individuals to have products and services on demand and instant.

We touch upon gamification technology getting more intelligent, building communities above and beyond.

Last year was surprising how quickly we’ve adapted to the remote world. I wonder if we can bring back creativity to a physical space rather than always diving into the screen? It will be Interesting to see how we have evolved when we go back to physical. Collaboration platforms like Future Visual’s VISIONxR, will complement the return to the physical world post covid. 

We discussed several JPC projects including the new Customer Innovation Centre for Experian which was launched in 2020 and how this might be virtualized in 2021.  

JPC are putting forward VR and immersive worlds to their clients – it’s a powerful customer journey which  can efficiently deliver hyper personalisation. Claire loved the fluidity of sharing objects in VR and being able to genuinely collaborate together and feel like you are in a room together – particularly relevant for tech and construction industries as there is an increasing need for simulation in these businesses, as they are very often battling to bring complex, multi-stakeholder, long term future solutions to life – Claire is very excited to see where VR and immersive technologies develop further to help with challenges like these.

What makes Claire curious and what social project would she invest £100 million towards? Tune into this month’s BUILDING NEW REALITIES and find out. 

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Claire likes the mantra by Benjamin Franklin:

“Tell Me and I Forget; Teach Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Learn.”

Book recommendations

SLIGHT EDGE: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success and Happiness

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