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November 17, 2020

Connecting Technology to Experience with Jack X and Sebastien Jouhans

Welcome to Building New Realities

Welcome to our bi-weekly podcast, Building New Realities. Future Visual’s fortnightly podcast discusses ideas and stories around building new realities with today’s XR thought leaders.

A warm welcome this week to my guest Sebastien Jouhans, Technology Director of Jack X at Jack Morton Worldwide. Jack X is Jack Morton’s innovation practice.

Sebastien works with emerging technologies and creatives in order to inject cutting edge thinking and lead teams to deliver successful projects. Sebastien is passionate about technology, touch interfaces, natural interfaces, physical computing, Internet of Things, bots, NLP, Machine Learning and blockchain. 

How is Jack X connecting technology to experience? Tune in and find out.

Notes on Ep 10 with Sebastien Jouhans by Tim Fleming

What excites Sebastien? We discussed photogrammetry and creating virtual places from photographs, enabling physical places online to bring people into a 3D world. Platforms like Sketchfab will enable development of the ability to share and embed 3d models anywhere online.

Finding the balance of gamification and functionality is key – like a quick access to some key information (eg a train timetable) – it doesn’t necessarily mean that the customer has the time to navigate a CGI train station to navigate the timetable. There is no point in replicating everything for an experiential experience.

Sebastien and I shared our excitement about many things we had experienced in 2020 and the metaverse in general. Sebastien was excited by Travis Scott’s appearance in Fortnite and I was excited by Sansar and VR Jam’s creation of Shangri La in VR this year – Just the fact that you could  teleport to lost friends in VR was a brilliant experience in itself.

We discussed enquiry vs activation. VR started as a trend but now it really does make sense to use it.  When VR first came out, all of the brands wanted to use it and not necessarily to best effect – the purpose was led by technology, not the problem. It’s what makes a platform like Future Visual’s VISION™ an interesting proposition (Thanks for the shout out Seb!).

There are technical challenges too – creatives don’t always understand that some things are not possible. The challenge is to keep a client happy and find a middle ground and to find a vision in line with what is possible. 

Realising ideas are the greatest opportunities for Sebastien. Trying to bring a moment of magic to every project. I wondered if it was magic or eyeballs (ROI) which were more important to Sebastien: For him, magic and the storytelling were definitely the priority. Jack Morton makes beautiful physical destinations and backdrops and the storytelling fits in with the experience. Jack X always starts with storytelling. 

What makes Sebastien curious? Post covid-times, interface with computers, voice, gesture, lip motion – experiences that don’t require people to touch screens or buttons. Machine learning – voice and computer vision and the progress of synthetic humans – software creating the video based on the text recorded. 

We both agreed it’s going to be hard differentiating what’s real and what’s not. Fake news all round. Building New Realities……

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