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September 10, 2020

The Challenges Of Being A Futurist with Phil Rowley | Building New Realities Podcast

Welcome to our new bi-weekly podcast, Building New Realities. Future Visual’s new fortnightly podcast discusses ideas and stories around building new realities with today’s XR thought leaders.

I’m hugely excited to welcome Phil Rowley, Media Futurist and Futures Director at Omnicom who demonstrates in our chat his extraordinary enthusiasm and passion for futurism as an art and science.

Phil works with businesses and brands to imagine and fast-track their future via emerging tech and innovation. He converts thought-leadership and tech trends into actionable innovation strategies around the future of media and entertainment, future of audio, future of gaming, future of AR, VR & AI – and their application for the future of marketing.

Phil has 20 years experience working in London, Dublin and Auckland and is a recipient of ‘The Internationalist’ Agency Innovators Award.

Tune in now to the future in this eighth podcast from immersive technology experts, Future Visual.

Notes on Episode 8 with Phil Rowley by Tim Fleming

I spoke to Phil about what he thinks is coming down the line for us. Why has Covid accelerated an alternative 2025? We discuss marketing trends, and the shift of gaming and entertainment. What are Phil’s predictions for the future and how does he navigate these in the short and long term? Where is the cone of uncertainty? Phil discusses the audio renaissance and how Audio technology could change everything. 

Is a virtual colony a solution and why is laughing so damn good for us?

PHD have released a report called “New Horizons” that talks about the impact of covid not in the short term but in the long term. They are also releasing a “Future of Gaming” deck.

Gaming is the emergence of a new 3rd metaspace as games get used for places to meet up and consume entertainment and content.

The biggest growth in the gaming industry will be amongst people who are not currently gamers.

Phil thinks that the teaching of futurism as a discipline is one of the greatest opportunities in his field. 

ASMR audio changed Phil’s approach to his work.

If Phil could have a billboard with anything on it to help build a new reality what would it be and why? Come and join my colony!

What does being ridiculously human mean to Phil? Phil references Vic n Bob and The Fish Slapping Dance by Monty Python

And if Phil had £100million how would he spend it? Phil would teach children how to check the providence of information. Teach them how to recognise and remove our biases. In an age of information abundance we need to exercise diligence in the curation of our own existence.


Kevin Kelly talks about rain

Imagine raindrops falling into a valley. The actual path of a raindrop as it goes down the valley is unpredictable. We cannot see where it’s going, but the general direction is very inevitable: it’s downward.

“Understanding Media – the extensions of Man”

Marshall McLuhan talks about new eras of media eating previous eras.

Book recommendations

Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff

How Innovation works by Matt Ridley

Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman

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