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May 15, 2019

Global crowdsourced engineering group rLOOP to use VISIONxR™ VR & AR platform for immersive collaboration

Future Visual is delighted to announce that research and development organisation, rLoop, has acquired multiple licences for our VR collaboration platform VISIONxR™.

VISIONxR™ the latest tool for rLoop to add to their collaboration suite, will enable team members in any location to collaborate and innovate in the same immersive space via VR, AR, desktop or mobile.

VISIONxR™ will enable the globally distributed team of rLoop to make better, more informed and faster decisions due to data being simultaneously available to all in a spatial format.  Travel time and money will be saved as teams can work together from multiple locations and on multiple devices. Teams can work flexibly and responsively, maximising personal and organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Disparate knowledge can be gained from subject matter experts who would not be able to be part of the team without VISIONxR™.

VISIONxR™ was a natural choice for rLoop who are leading the way as an organization that re-defines how people connect, collaborate and innovate to create a prosperous future for all.

At rLoop, we’re constantly striving to shrink distances and connect people in ways that were never previously possible. We’re happy to find a shared philosophy at Future Visual. VISIONxR™ will allow our globally distributed team to interact and collaborate on complex systems in entirely new ways, and we anticipate it accelerating our development cycle significantly.

Brent Lessard, Founder & CEO rLoop

As we move into the 4th industrial revolution, the ability to bring people together with a minimum carbon impact, whilst also generating project improvements and efficiencies, is increasing in corporate responsibility priority. Innovating the movement of people is at the heart of the rLoop mission and at Future Visual we are delighted they have chosen VISIONxR™ to help deliver on their mission.

Tim Fleming Co-founder & CEO Future Visual

VISIONxR™ is a self serve platform that imports CAD, CATIA, STP and STL files. Users can access and interact with the content via VR, AR, desktop or mobile. All devices have agency over the content, all users can communicate, train, learn and supervise in the same shared space.

In addition to the custom enterprise tools such as xRay, specific tools to fit rLoops needs are being developed. VISIONxR™ has an impressive product roadmap with additional features being released quarterly.

How do you start a crowdsourced engineering organization?

rLoop is a unique, global, crowdsourced engineering organization. It was founded in 2015 when a handful of individuals answered a challenge from Elon Musk and SpaceX to re-imagine transportation via the Hyperloop Competition. Their Hyperloop vehicle was designed and manufactured with most of the team never physically meeting each other, instead relying on tools such as Slack, Google Docs, and Fusion360 to communicate, collaborate, and innovate. rLoop has won multiple international awards for their work, and as the community grew and processes were developed to aid virtual collaboration on complex systems, their vision also expanded to tackle a growing number of global problems.

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