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April 23, 2018

Future Visual @ Future Tech Now

The Future Tech Now show at the London Business Design Centre in Islington last week was a fantastic show put on by a great team, ably led by Kerry Marks. If anyone has any doubts as to the hard work required to put on a show then they should start with a stand and see the logistics which that creates!

Iestyn Lloyd our CTO and Future Visual developer Benjamin Thomas looked after the guests who came to visit us at our stand, to talk about VR & AR collaboration and behaviour change.

Future Visual contributed to the VR & AR insights at the event with our founder Tim Fleming participating on a panel to discuss “Immersive Technologies to Power the 4th Industrial Revolution”. This subject is closely aligned with Future Visual’s vision of “Making VR & AR Work”, we believe that immersive technologies have the power to transform disciplines that have a high-value and high-risk across multiple verticals.

In the Thursday afternoon session Tim presented Future Visual’s position on “Making VR & AR Work using the third space”. The third space is a new opportunity that builds on our ability to develop experiences between our current physical real world presence (first space) and the convenience and immediacy of online (second space).

Most, if not all of the technologies on show at Future Tech Now inhabited the third space. Whether you were flying through the air on Icaros or boxing at the digital gym with BoxVR, the third space is the setting for all immersive tech enabled activities and experiences that range from entertainment, fitness to training and shopping.

The ability to transform business and provide solutions using third space immersive technologies will drive forward the enterprise adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality, if you like to find out more please get in contact with [email protected]

Ben was smiling as he collected his winnings but everyone else was very tired from too much fun.