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October 12, 2016

Virtual Reality gets social at Oculus Connect

Zuck shows us what social could look like for Oculus. Facebook’s motivation in buying Oculus was to prepare for two scenarios, (1) avoid a perceived threat rise from a new technology platform by buying it (2) if said technology could be so disruptive then there would be way to use it to enhance the Facebook platform. Turns out, the second is by far the most interesting of these possibilities. VR’s inherent qualities of presence and the ability to put people in situations and scenarios that are either impossible or prohibitively expensive are well demonstrated in the film below. Talking to his colleagues in VR who are geo-located in different locations shows how social in VR will be awesome. This happy trio of tech socialites head to the bottom of the sea and the surface of Mars before pulling in Zuck’s wife via skype into their VR world to take a selfie….amazing !!! We particularly like the moment where one of the gang draws themself a sword in VR to have a quick joust with Zuck, truly extraordinary possibilities.